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Whether you are still in the process of putting up a hospitality business or you are already running a hotel, you must know that one of the most important factors that need to be taken into consideration is housekeeping. A wide variety of guests will be staying in your rooms—tourists, leisure travellers, families, couples, individuals seeking for relaxation and a whole lot more. With different people come different attitudes and these hotel guests can be very demanding, especially with the housekeeping department.

Apart from making sure that lobbies, hallways and rooms are beautifully designed, cleanliness is very important. This is why most successful hotels have invested in a great housekeeping team and efficient cleaning tools and equipment. It is not uncommon at all how some guests can request even for the most unusual things and complain even about a little speck of dust and it is your responsibility to do your best to deliver and give them what they need. Great service, clean surroundings and a comfortable environment results to highly satisfied guests. Some guests would even go out of their way to give you a good review on travel websites which would encourage more travellers to come visit your property. The best way to be successful in a hotel business is, after all, by word of mouth. Potential customers tend to believe reviews of actual guests who have already stayed in your hotel. They trust their friends’ recommendations more than any good advertisement that you may have come out with.


What Makes Housekeeping Services Great?


A great housekeeping team for your hotel is very important. More than the services that you offer, the comfort of the accommodation and the appearance of your hotel, you need to focus on your housekeeping team as well. Here are some of the many great qualities your housekeeping personnel must have:

  1. You need a team made up of hardworking, honest and efficient individuals.
  2. Your housekeeping team must be extensively trained so that they will be capable of applying the best cleaning methods and techniques.
  3. Housekeeping personnel must be someone who knows how to communicate with guests. He/She will most likely have face-to-face interaction with hotel guests whether along the hallways or lobby of your hotel or inside rooms.
  4. The cleaning job must be done quickly without sacrificing quality. Your staff must learn how to move fast without leaving an area unturned.


However, you can have the most efficient team but without proper cleaning equipment and tools, you cannot expect them to do an impeccable job. If you want flawless results, you also need to invest on high quality equipment that’s made to meet hotel standards.

Oxychem offers a wide range of Janitorial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment. As a trusted provider of equipment by a long list of clients throughout the years, you can expect that these products from Oxychem can meet hotels’ high standards and would be capable of producing excellent results that would exceed even the most delicate and demanding guests’ expectations.

With proper equipment, extensive training and great management, you can expect your housekeeping team to bring success to your hospitality business.