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As the saying goes, “cleanliness is next to godliness.” The importance of keeping your business establishment clean, whether it’s a restaurant or not, is truly a no-brainer. You may serve the most delicious dishes and satisfying drinks but before a customer can even place that order, the appearance of your restaurant has already started making an impression. Definitely, the sanitation and the cleanliness of your establishment can attract new customers and of course help you in keeping the regular customers you already have.


Four Major Restaurant Areas That Need to Be Thoroughly Cleaned

The process of keeping a restaurant clean is simple for as long as you have the proper method to follow and equipment to use. Keep your focus on these four major areas that need regular cleaning throughout your operation hours:


  1. Restrooms

One of the areas in your restaurant that require frequent cleaning, not just once or twice a day, is the restroom. From the floors to the sink to the toilets, everything must be thoroughly cleaned at all times. Bathroom tissue must always be present as well. You may order bathroom tissue in bulk from Oxychem Supplies and Equipment so you won’t have to worry about ever running out. All Restroom Hygiene Products you may need as well are available.

  1. Floors

The floors all over your restaurant, from the kitchen to the dining area to the lobby, should always be kept clean. Not only are dirty floors unattractive and can pose risk to sanitation, it may also be a cause of accidents such as slipping. Each time any type of liquid or food falls on the floor, cleaning must be done immediately.

  1. Dining Area

The dining area is where your customers will be staying almost 100% of the time when they’re in your restaurant. Each table should be wiped clean and sanitized prior to making it available to the next customer. All surfaces, walls, tables, chairs, bar tops and more should always be very clean too.

  1. Kitchen Area

Even if a restaurant’s kitchen is usually behind closed doors and not visible to customers, this is the most important area that needs to be kept clean all the time. Cooks, servers, assistants and other kitchen personnel should always be wearing the prescribed clothing and all surfaces, cookware, utensils and more must always be thoroughly cleaned.