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Janitorial Supplies




Cleaning Tools and Equipment ➤ Janitorial Cleaning Supplies Product List

Cleaning Tools and Equipment ➤ There is more to cleaning because it is our business! Cleaning is an important part of every business simply because it says a lot about business values. With OXYCHEM Supplies, and Equipment, your facility will look its best at all times. From  the  latest  cleaning  solutions  to cleaning custodial products,  we  can  offer  you commercial  Janitorial  Supplies  and Cleaning  Products  to  help  keep  your  workplace  clean, polished,  and  germ-free.  Janitorial  cleaning  supplies,  and  equipment  includes  floor  pads,  mop, broom, squeegee, brush, trash bags and janitorial cart.


Oxychem Supplies & Equipment is a distributor of complete line of cleaning supplies and equipment that caters to a vast range of industries. Together with sister company Oxychem Corporation, we strengthens our position as one of the leading providers of total Cleaning Solutions in the country.

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