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When you’re running a business, you always expect the best from your staff. After all, you handpicked them from a number of applicants with expectations that they will be the best fit for your team. If you feel like your employees are not working impressively enough, then there must be something missing. If you’ve got proper employee management covered, then it could probably be your office itself. Employees can be at their best when they are in an environment that’s conducive to work and office cleanliness plays a huge part. If there are endless stacks of files, stained and stinky carpets, dirty walls and a pantry that is dirtier than the garage, how can you expect your staff to look forward to every working day?

Your employees are your most important asset. If they perform well, it will be good for the business. It is just right for you to provide an office that will encourage productivity by making surroundings clean every day. Especially if you hold operations in an office that accommodates more than just a few employees, a broom and a home vacuum cleaner is not enough. As one of the leaders in commercial and industrial cleaning equipment, Oxychem offers a wide product line of Minuteman.

Minuteman is a brand of cleaning equipment exclusively distributed by Oxychem. Though you may already have janitorial services in your building, one or a few of these tools and equipment can help make the cleaning job more efficient.

  • Carpet Care
  • Floor Care
  • Auto Scrubbers
  • Walk Behind Sweeper
  • Vacuum Cleaners

By choosing Minuteman cleaning equipment, you can expect the following:

  • While cleanliness is an important factor in keeping your employees happy, they can be distracted with slow and noisy cleaning equipment being used during working hours. Minuteman equipment can produce high performance cleaning power which makes the job quicker to avoid disruption of your operating hours.
  • Made with high quality materials, you can be assured that your Minuteman cleaning equipment will last for many years of cleaning service in your office.
  • Minuteman products are easy to operate.

With a clean and beautiful office combined with excellent management skills, you can be guaranteed that your employees will be the top players in the game and most definitely, your company will enjoy great benefits and high increase in revenue.