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High Temp versus Low Temp Dishwashers


When it comes to picking a commercial dishwashing machine, it is important to know whether you will need a high temperature or low temperature unit. Both require detergent, and rinse-aid chemicals. But they differ in how they work.

Both types of dishwashers have the same principle in washing as water is pumped thru the wash arms by the wash pump with a predetermined dose of detergent dosed into the machine via automatic chemical dispenser. This washing action takes place for thirty to sixty seconds depending on the setting of the machine at 65-71 degrees Celsius.

During the rinse process is where these two types are differentiated. High temperature machines will sanitize with heat. At no less than 82 degrees Celsius the rinse process ensures that common bacteria found in food contact wares are killed in the process.

The intense heat, however creates steam during the operation of a high temperature dishwashing machine. To get the steam out of the dishwashing area a condensate hood is installed above the machine. And this adds to the cost.

As for performance high temperature machines removes grease, and lipstick stains better, dry dishes faster, and do not use chlorine sanitizers to sanitize which sometimes damages certain kitchen wares.

On the other hand, low temperature machines wash and rinse at around 48-60 degrees Celsius. To compensate they add a chemical sanitizer usually chlorine based to ensure that all the wares are sanitized but leaves residual odor.

Another area to take note in comparing these two machines are in the components. High temperature machines usually have booster heaters to help reach the desired temperatures, and booster pumps to help with lackluster water pressure in most installations. They also have a shorter wash, and rinse cycle times for more efficient operation and uses less water per cycle. Low temperature machines only have the wash pump and requires good water pressure for it to work properly.

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