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Majority of the country’s commercial buildings, high rise condominiums, and even industrial plants still clean their floors the traditional way. Using a mop and bucket to apply their choice of cleaning agent onto the floor, a single disc polisher to scrub, a wet & dry vacuum to pick-up the cleaning solution, another set of mop and bucket to rinse the floor till it is air dry. For large floor areas this process requires three to four people each doing separate tasks in a linear direction.

A better way to clean floors is with an automatic scrubber. The four steps mentioned above can be compressed into one. Saving time, water, chemicals, and frees up valuable man-hours for other tasks. To give you a better idea, please take a look at the video

If you are a manager with a large floor area, and is looking to innovate with savings in mind for your property, establishment, or plant. It might be time for an upgrade. You can reach us at We’d be glad to help.