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Oxychem – Total Cleaning Solutions Provider

Because of our unwavering efforts to deliver high quality products to our customers, we have expanded our business in 2014. Oxychem Corporation if no longer just a manufacturer of high quality and eco-friendly cleaning chemicals because now, we have added a complete selection of commercial grade cleaning supplies and equipment…read more

News & Updates

Four Major Restaurant Areas That Need to Be Thoroughly Cleaned
The process of keeping a restaurant clean is simple for as long as you have the proper method to follow and equipment to use. Keep your focus on these four major areas that need regular cleaning throughout your operation hours… read more
A Fast-Paced Restaurant Environment
Most restaurant owners’ goal is to have a business that has customers coming in non-stop. Whether you have already achieved this or not, your restaurant must already be in a fast-paced environment. Food must be ready within minutes even if you do not operate a fast food business and cleaning should be done quickly as well because you don’t want your customers to be eating with someone continually mopping around. Here are some tips to keep up with cleaning quickly:
Focusing on Office Cleanliness to Improve Work Performance
While cleanliness is an important factor in keeping your employees happy, they can be distracted with slow and noisy cleaning equipment being used during working hours…read more

Featured Product

High-Pressure Cleaner

Total Cleaning Solutions Provider

Janitorial Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

Commercial janitorial supplies and cleaning products to help keep your workplace clean, polished, and germ-free.

Restroom Hygiene Products

Restroom hygiene involves both the cleanliness of the visible space of the room and cleanliness in terms of unseen bacteria and germs.

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Equipment

Minuteman is the institutional cleaning equipment that provides latest and innovative technology in commercial cleaning equipment.

Automatic Chemical Dispenser

OXYPRO Plus Dispensing System is a combination of high quality cleaning chemicals and effective dispensing system to deliver optimum cleaning and sanitation program for your business.

Dishwashing Machine

DOLPHIN Commercial Dishwasher is the most technologically advanced dishwasher in the world. It has great features such as Energy Saving, Extra Strong Pump, Extra Strong Heater and Micro Computer and remote.

Bathroom Tissue

LIVI is well known in world-class establishment across the globe, from hospitals to resorts, restaurants to cafes, government institutions to corporate offices and schools.

Oxychem Supplies & Equipment is a distributor of complete line of cleaning supplies and equipment that caters to a vast range of industries. Together with sister company Oxychem Corporation, we strengthens our position as one of the leading providers of total Cleaning Solutions in the country.

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