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High Temp versus Low Temp Dishwashers

High Temp versus Low Temp Dishwashers

High Temp versus Low Temp Dishwashers   When it comes to picking a commercial dishwashing machine, it is important to know whether you will need a high temperature or low temperature unit. Both require detergent, and rinse-aid chemicals. But they differ in how... read more
Future of Floor Cleaning

Future of Floor Cleaning

Majority of the country’s commercial buildings, high rise condominiums, and even industrial plants still clean their floors the traditional way. Using a mop and bucket to apply their choice of cleaning agent onto the floor, a single disc polisher to scrub, a wet &... read more
A Fast-Paced Restaurant Environment

A Fast-Paced Restaurant Environment

Most restaurant owners’ goal is to have a business that has customers coming in non-stop. Whether you have already achieved this or not, your restaurant must already be in a fast-paced environment. Food must be ready within minutes even if you do not operate a fast food business and cleaning should be done quickly as well because you don’t want your customers to be eating with someone continually mopping around. Here are some tips to keep up with cleaning quickly:

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